One of the training centres that awards the National Œnologist Diploma has set up an additional university course destined for oenologists, and delivers a university degree in oenology (with specialization in olive oil). The Union des Œnologues de France, (Union of French Œnologists) a trade syndicate, has thus decided to organize an international competition featuring different olive oils.
This competition is destined to highlight the complementarity between cultivating vines and elaborating wines, on the one hand, and cultivating olive trees and the associated products, on the other.
It will distinguish olive oils that have reached a very high level of quality that approaches the optimum taste expression for their category.
The Huiles d'Olive du Monde ® competition is organized in accordance with the following regulations.

Eligible participants

Eligible participants from all countries: individual producers, groups of producers, associations of producers, private mills and packaging companies.

Conditions for admission

This presentation is open to all virgin and extra virgin olive oils bearing an indication of the country where the olives were harvested and milled, and capable of providing total traceability. To be accepted, all olive oils must respect the regulations in their country of origin.


Each sample must comply with the following conditions:

  • 3 bottles of 0.50l to 1l per sample. Bottles should be presented with their full commercial labels.
  • Each sample must be accompanied by an analysis sheet (acidity and peroxide index) clearly identifying each sample.
  • Each sample must reach the organizers.
  • All samples are submitted at the expense and risk of the competitors to the following address:
    Œnologues de France
    Les Olivalies®
    21-23 rue de Croulebarbe
    75013 PARIS - FRANCE
    tel: +33 01 58 52 20 20

No conform samples will not be taken in account.
All samples sent without postage paid will be refused.
No conform sample will not be returned, but remain the property of the Union des Œnologues de France.


  • France: €168 inclusive of VAT, per sample presented.
  • Outside France (VAT not applicable if you indicate your intracommunity VAT number): €140 exclusive of VAT


  • by cheque to the order Œnolog de France attached to the enrolment form, or by bank transfer.
  • by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, EuroCard)

The organizers do not pay bank charges.
Payments will not be refunded.

Application form:

The enrolment form must be completed for each sample and sent to the following address, along with enrolment fees.

Œnologues de France
Les Olivalies®
21-23, rue de Croulebarbe
tel: +33 01 58 52 20 20

All forms not accompanied by payment of enrolment fees and the corresponding analysis sheet will be refused.
The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of samples in accordance with the order of arrival of enrolment forms.

Conditions of the tasting organization

The different olive oils will be grouped according to their category and origin.
The appreciation will be descriptive and shall comprise notes on the olfactory, taste and retronasal aspects, and the overall impression.
The organizers shall appoint the jury series.
Jury members are selected from the finest international specialists renowned for their tasting skills.
The total number of international jurors is fixed in accordance with the number of samples presented.
Each jury consists of 5 members: 2 French and 3 non-French jurors.
The organizers make sure the competition runs smoothly by preparing samples (codification, classification), organizing and conducting tastings (standard glasses maintained at 28°C +/- 2°C, apple slices and glasses of water at room temperature), ensuring that juries use the appropriate sheets, and by checking, exploiting and publishing the results.


The organizers define the Olivalies d'Or (gold) and Olivalies d'Argent (silver) prizes.
Limited to 30%, these prizes will be awarded for the olive oils that the jury considers to have reached a high level of expression worthy of these distinctions.
Prizes will be awarded based on the decisions of the juries, will be final.
Each winner will be informed of the result of the competition by mail.
The organizers will provide the winners with a diploma specifying the nature of the awarded prize, the identity of the product, the volume declared and the name and address of the owner.
Stickers will be available from the Union des Œnologues de France for prize-winning olive oils, based on the volume declared on the enrolment form.
It is forbidden to declare the prizes in any other way.
The results of the olive oil tastings will be publicized as broadly as possible.


The organizers shall be in a position to settle any disputes.
They reserve the right to commission a qualified analytical laboratory to analyse prize-winning samples and to follow through with any appropriate action.
The organizers reserve the exclusive right to monitor the use of prizes for commercial purposes.

Participation in the contest

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these regulations.